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Our experience allows us to provide turnkey solutions for common tasks. You can choose one or several solutions as a starting point - and we’ll develop them specifically for your business, particular specifications and budget.







Shopping malls, big supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centres, warehouse complexes —

these are huge spaces with a consistently large number of people.

Basic requirements:


quick installation and commissioning

air conditioners that do not require separate premises

selection of equipment capacity for your needs

powerful ventilation, air-cooling and heating (thermal curtains)

cooling machinery and heat pumps

compact placement

lowest cost solutions for small premises

cost-effectiveness and reasonable cost of service

the most cost-effective equipment

complex support from design to maintenance

modernization of the current equipment stock

Business Centres

Multi-storey office buildings and business centres specify special requirements in terms of design,

terms and particular characteristics of equipment installation.

Basic requirements:


incremental-phased installation and commissioning

possibility to carry indoor units in accordance with the layout

low power consumption

accurate calculation of volumes of use for each tenant

systems launch starting from 10% of readiness (as the tenants occupy the floors)

reduction of one-time expenditures for equipment

quick installation and dismantling in case of equipment transfer

small area of technical premises

single automatic control with remote access

central administration

complete statistics and online equipment monitoring

modernization of the current equipment stock

Hotel complexes

Hotels are the most power-consuming facilities with high requirements for indoor comfort

and twenty-four hour operation of all systems.

Basic requirements:


high reliability in continuous operation

silent equipment

customized types of climate control (central, partial, individual)

low noise level

cooling machinery and heat pumps

quick installation

high cost-effectiveness even with a partial occupancy

cost-effectiveness and reasonable cost of service

long-term service warrantees

cost reduction due to parameter optimization

modernization of the current equipment stock

Museums, libraries, exhibition halls

The main purpose of such premises is the long-term storage of valuable paintings, books and other works of art under conditions that are as comfortable as possible for artefacts.

Basic requirements:


minimum noise level

extremely accurate regulation of temperature and humidity

equipment with silent operation

automatic maintenance of the set parameters

air speed control

maximum air purification

high energy saving index

quick adjustment of microclimate parameters

maximum air purification from all types of pollution

easy control and parameter settings

modernization of the current equipment stock

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