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Perimeter monitoring system

Our experience allows us to provide turnkey solutions for common tasks. You can choose one or several solutions as a starting point — and we’ll develop them specifically for your business, particular characteristics and budget.






Warehouses and industrial facilities

Secure storage, expensive equipment and a large amount of materials and equipment attract the attention of illegal intruders and organised groups of criminals.

Basic requirements:


maximum protection

early warning of perimeter proximity

several levels and boundaries of protection

systems that do not require separate rooms

equipment selection for your needs

remote collection of information about the entire territory under control

cost-effectiveness and reasonable cost of service

automatic localization of the crossing over the perimeter

lowest cost solutions for small companies

full integration, convenient control

modernization of the current equipment stock

Private facilities

The safety of private facilities is not only protection against theft of values, damage to people's lives and property. The most important is a provision of comfort for all family members, the safe and convenient use of all facilities at private premises.

Basic requirements:


quick and delicate installation

the fastest installation

discreet placement of equipment

several levels of security

prompt reaction to emergency with online alert

maximum automation with reaction settings

automatic localization of crossing over the perimeter

remote access to monitoring and control

a single facility security system with scripting

single safety circuit

complete statistics and online equipment monitoring

modernization of the current equipment stock

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