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For what purpose:

recognition of faces and vehicle licence plate numbers

identification of atypical actions (running man, panic)

capturing items left unattended

control of technological processes on the shop floor

What prevents:

terrorist attacks

offenses, including at an early stage

safety violations


Benefits and advantages:

quick and easy installation

easy control and implementation

setting up automatic reporting by types of situations under control

Perimeter Monitoring and Protection


The perimeter monitoring system is a chance to detect an intruder in the external access way, before he/she can cause damage, and allows you to extend time for further guidance.

For what purpose:

Video surveillance systems


Safety comes first. For this purpose, data are needed — visual and operational — to monitor what is happening and make decisions on further actions.

ensuring safety of the facility and the surrounding area

detection of intruders twenty-four-hour and in all weather conditions

early warning for safety services with accurate fixation of the point of crossing over the perimeter

What prevents:

terrorist attacks

unauthorized crossing over the perimeter

attacks by organized gangs in order to seize the facility

breaking into containers with equipment

Benefits and advantages:

automatic protection of the entire facility

setting up automatic response by types of situations under control

intuitive control interface


Access Monitoring and Control System (AMCS)


AMCS is a comprehensive system that solves the following tasks: control of personnel movements, personal access control in the surrounding area and in premises, security and discipline, automation of accounting and personnel accounting, and many others.

terrorist attacks

Benefits and advantages:

high level of system protection against external intrusions

long-term autonomous power supply

high level of protection

Air conditioning systems (HVAC)


Clean air is essential for life. And in crowded areas for a long time - even more essential: the air should be clean and have a temperature suitable for the season.

For what purpose:

providing clean air

effective removal of pollution and dust

comfortable temperature and humidity

What prevents:

health problems and asphyxia

organisation of terrorist attacks

fire hazardous situations

Benefits and advantages:

quick and easy installation

low power consumption

lowest cost solutions with optimal parameters

automatic monitoring of set-up parameters

Fire Alarm System


This is an essential part of the safety system for human life and safekeeping of property. Present day systems allow not only to detect fire areas and quickly extinguish a fire - but also to prevent fire breaking-out, ensuring safety.

detection of fire areas

organised vacation of premises, without panic and crowd

Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)


SCS are designed to integrate the entire enterprise into a single information infrastructure for the rapid management of all systems - telephone and computer networks, building engineering systems, AMCS, alarm systems and perimeter protection.

For what purpose:

uninterrupted operation of all data exchange systems

quick development of any number of workstations

integration of all security systems into a single circuit

What prevents:

interruptions in systems

dependence of signal quality on external conditions

lack of capacities when connecting sophisticated equipment

lack of the whole picture of the state of all enterprise systems

Benefits and advantages:

durability — warranty for up to 20 years

updating the current SCS with minimal costs

easy handling and flexibility

KVM - Matrix Switching Systems/Keyboard, Video, Mouse (server rooms)


KVMs are designed for convenient and safe automation of enterprise process control - equipment condition, its working capacity, safety, fault tolerance. Widely used in industry, energy sector, oil and gas sector, transport and communications management, construction and financial sector.

For what purpose:

cost reduction for IT infrastructure maintenance

ensuring highest level of equipment safety

uninterrupted operation and protection against attacks

What prevents:

For what purpose:

early safety warning

What prevents:

fires of solid and melting materials

fires of flammable liquids and gases

fires at electricity-generating plants

panic, victims and loss of property

Benefits and advantages:

design for each specific facility

different types of equipment

setting up automatic response by types of situations under control

For what purpose:

accounting and control of working hours and time intervals for visitors

multi-stage identification for zones of increased levels of secrecy

What prevents:

unauthorized access to control panels

forgery of pass cards

unauthorized use of equipment

penetration into zones of increased levels of secrecy

Benefits and advantages:

setting access modes to information

automatic online monitoring of events

setting up system responses to complex events, total blocking of premises

protection of the facility against unauthorized access

remote facility management

data leakage

unnecessary costs for operating personnel

unauthorized access to the system

improper use of capacities

abnormal operation of the company during a complete power outage

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