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Video surveillance

Our experience allows us to provide turnkey solutions for common tasks. You can choose one or several solutions as a starting point - and we’ll develop them specifically for your business, particular specifications and budget.


Huge crowds of people in shopping malls, big supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centres, warehouse complexes — should always be under control.

Basic requirements:


quick installation and commissioning

systems that do not require separate rooms

selection of equipment for your needs

protection against theft, terrorist attacks, dangerous crowd unrest

face recognition and people counting modules

remote collection of information about any activities all over the territory under control

lowest cost solutions for small companies

cost-effectiveness and reasonable cost of service

full integration with other systems, convenient control

setting up an automatic response to situations

modernization of the current equipment stock






Business centres

Multi-storey office buildings and business centres specify special requirements regarding terms

and lower maintenance costs for security services.

Basic requirements:


regular conditions monitoring

remote control for a complete picture of activities

low power consumption

optimal equipment estimation for each facility

systems launch starting from 10% of readiness (as the tenants occupy the floors)

monitoring the operation of elevators and other equipment

quick installation and dismantling

long service life

unified security system of the facility

off-hours control

video monitoring of the entire surrounding area

modernization of the current equipment stockmodernization of the current equipment stock

Hotel complexes

Hotels are facilities with a large number of enclosed spaces.

The sooner the owner knows about emergencies, the less casualties and property damage will be.

Basic requirements:


high reliability in continuous operation

compact placement

quick and delicate installation

prompt reaction to emergency with online alert

face recognition and camera tracking

quick installation

cost reduction due to optimization of operating parameters

cost-effectiveness and reasonable cost of service

a full cycle from design to training and maintenance

modernization of the current equipment stock

Museums, libraries, exhibition halls

The main problems of such premises are terrorist attacks, theft of valuables, damages,

maximum conditions control and prompt reaction in case of emergency situations.

Basic requirements:


the fastest installation

minimal damage to the interior when placing equipment

quick and delicate installation

movement mapping to identify vulnerabilities

prompt reaction to emergency with online alert

maximum automation with the setup of typical reactions

face recognition and camera tracking

tracking unattended items to prevent terrorist attacks

easy control and parameters setting

modernization of the current equipment stock

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